In the Media

Jaclyn Friedman

Writer, Speaker, Activist
“Jean Kilbourne inspired my ‘click’ moment when she came to my campus to give a talk. I always say that if feminism were vampirism, Jean would be my Lestat.”

School Library Journal

“A piece of art crafted over four decades, [Killing Us Softly 4] will change, and perhaps even save, lives. A must-have.”

James Morrow

Media and Methods
"Advertisements have undergone sociological scrutiny before… but rarely with such humanistic conviction. Jean Kilbourne’s gift for metaphor threads her presentation together. As each theme is stated and documented, her audiences are moved to laughter, anger, and, in some cases, no doubt, action."

Christine Madsen

The Christian Science Monitor
"Jean Kilbourne is opening the public’s eyes to the subtle way ads demean or exploit us. Her writing and research have made her a recognized expert in the field."

Mary Barrett

DRAW (Newsletter of the Art Director’s Club of Boston)
"Jean Kilbourne is sober, shocking, serious and hilarious, intense and enlightening. … She illuminates the ads with a piercing light."

The Boston Globe

Jay Carr
"…ads continue to teach men contempt for women and the feminine side of themselves. All encourage people to think that life’s problems are best solved with products…. With skill, humor and acuteness, Kilbourne encourages action against these society-weakening images. Never shrill, her indictment is, if anything, understated."


Charles Jackson, ADWEEK editorial
"After listening to Jean Kilbourne, I would never doubt her intellectual honesty. While she bills herself as a critic of advertising, she is more akin to a prophet calling out in the wilderness for fundamental change in the way we communicate publicly with one another."

Colleges & Universities

Wellesley College

Kim Bottomly, President
“I have just learned the wonderful news that you will be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Congratulations! You continue to make Wellesley proud.”

Harvard School of Public Health

Boston, MA
"Thank you for bringing your brilliant critique to the students, staff and faculty of the Harvard School of Public Health. I’ve heard from a number of people already how much they enjoyed your talk and how inspired they felt by it to be more active in combatting the disturbing media environment that you so astutely uncover.”

Westfield State College

Thomas Gardner, Professor of Communication
"We could all name a pioneer or two – those who were the first to discover the flu vaccine, fly a plane, break the color barrier in baseball, or reach the South Pole. In academic and intellectual circles, there are pioneers as well, although the development of theories, perspectives, and entire disciplines is really more of a collaborative and dialogical process. While each academic discipline can name a number of 'founding' lights and pioneers, there are few individuals who can lay claim to playing a pioneering role in several different fields of study. Jean Kilbourne can...No one in the world has done more to improve the image of women in the media than Jean Kilbourne."

Boston University

Boston, MA
"In my experience at the university with visiting lecturers, your appearance hit the highest of notes. Seldom are such lectures discussed for weeks after the event, but students and faculty members are still talking about the substance and style of Under the Influence. Obviously it is the kind of program — and you are the kind of person — university and college audiences respect, since it is serious, significant material presented in a most attractive manner."

Bucknell University

Lewisburg, PA
"Jean was a joy to work with and fulfilled our expectations by providing a presentation that was filled with energy, enthusiasm, and valuable information/insight. She truly creates a first-rate educational experience."

"You never fail to be personally engaging and professionally outstanding in what you do. Because you keep current, even repeat performances are worth seeing. It was a particular pleasure for me to anticipate this program because I knew that I could expect the quality we received. An alcohol-education-oriented program during the first few days of students’ presence on campus absolutely HAS to be a good one, or we run the risk of losing them for all our other efforts. I think the applause you received was eloquent tribute to your success."

"Your program was a highlight of our orientation program. A particular strength of yours is the ability to impart all that information without preaching or moralizing. You maintain a good degree of objectivity and humor, while clearly caring a great deal about the material. Quite a job!"

Butler University

Indianopolis, IN
"Dr. Kilbourne was an outstanding speaker, blending the facts of alcohol and advertising and her sense of humor. Her presentation was interesting and precise and offered a wealth of information for all those present. There was a great deal of discussion after her presentation."

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, OH
"The ideas that you brought to our campus caused many students to stop and think about the advertising that continually shapes their attitudes and selfimages. Your ability to convey information and to identify subtle trends in advertising while keeping the overall atmosphere light and entertaining is impressive."

Claremont McKenna College

Claremont, CA
"Dr. Kilbourne was outstanding in all three of her presentations. She is articulate, engaging, and full of remarkable insights. She leaves a lasting impact on our campus."

College of Notre Dame

Baltimore, MD
"What a wonderful presentation! Your appearance was a perfect thoughtprovoking, action-inspiring end to our Women & Media weekend. Its success can be gauged by the fact that at the end of the talk, the audience headed to the front of the auditorium, not to the exits."

College of the Holy Cross

"You have an uncanny ability to combine your extensive knowledge of addictions and the media, your powerful insights and your thoroughly enjoyable sense of humor to provide your audience with a presentation which is both informative and challenging. It would be truly difficult to overstate how impressive your presentation was — and that comment comes from many. I am sure we will be inviting you back again and again. You are quite simply the best at what you do."

Cornell College

Mt. Vernon, IA
"Dr. Kilbourne spoke with intelligence, passion and wit about topics of vital importance in today’s society. Both audiences were delighted and moved."

Eastern New Mexico University

Portales, NM
"Jean Kilbourne tells it like it is. With wit she alerts us to the clever and absurd trip being done on society by the tobacco industry. A wonderful, consciousness-raising presentation."

Gardner-Webb University

Boiling Springs, NC
"I am aware of at least two students who went to the University Counseling Center after your presentation to seek help in regards to personal eating disorder issues."

Greensboro College

Greensboro NC
"Both your gracious manner and your dedication to improving the lot of women and young people are inspiring. You have enriched our experience as scholars and teachers in immeasurable ways."

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA
"Your lecture on women and cigarette advertising was insightful as well as inciting. Despite the intensely educational element, your lecture was extremely entertaining, holding the attention of all."

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS
"Jean Kilbourne’s program drew the largest crowd we’ve had all year. Her presentation is timely, professional and totally fascinating. Jean is extremely cooperative and easy to work with as well as being such a warm and friendly person."

Lawrence University

Appleton, WI
"It is rare that a lecture is simultaneously so substantive, entertaining, and professional, and both of yours were exceptionally so. Both have stimulated a great deal of discussion in the past few days."

Luther College

Decorah, IA
"What a complete pleasure to have Jean Kilbourne! Her lecture last evening drew one of the largest crowds (over 800) we have ever had for a lecture in our Distinguished Lecture Series. She captivated the audience in her opening remarks and from that time on she had their undivided attention. Her remarks were very funny and at the same time clearly to the point. It is easy to understand why Jean won NACA’s Lecturer of the Year award. She is a delightful sensitive person who put even the shy students at ease during the dinner! Today the campus is buzzing about the lecture last evening. She made a strong impact on all of us and we will be different people because of her."

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

North Adams, MA
"I admire you and the continuing effort you are making in carrying your message to others, especially college students. Those of us who educate and counsel students see many times over every day just how subtle, pervasive and ultimately destructive the effects of alcohol (and the pressure by which it is forced upon young people) can be. As I listened to you, I found myself wishing that somehow there could be hundreds of Jean Kilbourne clones, simultaneously giving the same presentation on college campuses around the country, day after day."

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA
"Jean Kilbourne’s slide presentation was without doubt one of our most outstanding programs. The choice of slides, the depth of her insight into their meaning and above all her delightful sense of humor combined to make a presentation both thought-provoking and dramatic. Her extraordinary rapport with the students, both men and women, sparked a dialogue lasting well into the evening."

Mercyhurst College

Erie, PA
"Thank you so much for an incisive, inspiring initiation of our “Exploring Gender” symposium. You hit the mark perfectly. So many students and faculty commented positively last evening. Your mix of information, humor, and challenge will hopefully cause us to think and act with a heightened sensitivity to the impact of advertising on the images we have of women, especially, and the obstacle such portrayals create in the establishment of genuine, real human connection."

Miami University

Oxford, OH
"I have only on rare occasion observed the positive audience reaction and warmth for a speaker as Jean Kilbourne received. She is informative and witty. The discussion which followed her program was the best that I have observed for quite some time."

Middlebury College

Middlebury, VT
"Again and again I’ve heard comments on how powerful your presentation was and the impact has been evident in terms of continued discussion among faculty, staff, and student members of our community. Members of our fraternities have even been requesting copies of your resource guide and have shown genuine enthusiasm regarding future programs on the topic of sexism!"

Missouri Southern State College

Joplin, MO
"Dr. Kilbourne’s lecture was wonderful, of course, and we were all delighted by the reaction on the part of the students and faculty. She addresses important issues in a manner that is non-threatening, non-guilt-producing, entertaining and positive. I can see how many different departments can apply the information from this lecture to their classes; we were delighted at the support we received from our departments of English, Social Studies, Nursing, Communications, and Education."

Mount Holyoke

South Hadley, MA
"This was, by far, one of the best attended and received lectures I have ever been to at Mount Holyoke College. She was magnificent."

Nazareth College

Rochester, NY
"You have transformed the way in which we view our world."

Presbyterian College

Clinton, SC
"Your two excellent presentations were far and away the best things that we had during the entire symposium. You really made an impression upon your hearers, not only for your content but because of your intense, sincere, and warmly human way of presenting your message. It will be some time, if ever, before we forget you."

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ
"Many of us at Princeton had looked forward a long time to bringing you to campus. Your visit surpassed all our expectations. Your afternoon presentation of The Naked Truth elicited an enthusiastic response from an audience overflowing with students, faculty and townspeople. Your evening presentation of Under the Influence forced many students to address questions about advertising and alcohol they had never before confronted."

"We are still hearing reverberations from students and staff members who were inspired and challenged by your messages. ‘Awesome!’ is the word I’ve heard most often when I ask students what they thought. One male alumnus said…that this was the best program he had seen since attending Princeton…Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion, and work."

Principia College

Elsah, IL
"Thank you so much for a truly brilliant expose of a very major problem in our society. It was virtually an entire course in women’s studies condensed into one presentation. There is no question that the impact was very great."

Rhodes College

Memphis, TN
"Your presentation ranks up there with the best we have had, and it’s a very distinguished list."

Salem State College

Salem, MA
"Thank you so much for your incredible lecture!!!…There was a tremendous ‘buzz’ around campus in the days after your event with lots and lots of positive feedback from students, faculty and staff…The power of your presentation is matched only by your uncanny ability to charm and disarm potential doubters, as you educate and enlighten."

Suffolk County Community College

Selden, NY
"Jean Kilbourne gives the consummate lecture; well prepared, cleverly delivered, always interesting and thoroughly researched. Don’t make the mistake of pigeon-holing her just for women’s week or women’s programming. The points made are universal and enlightening."


Oneonta, NY
"As usual, Jean Kilbourne was excellent. Her professional approach and knowledge of her subject make her one of the best speakers on the college circuit. She is an absolute delight to work with."

Trinity College

Hartford, CT
"As usual, Jean Kilbourne’s presentation was a smashing success! She attracted a standing-room-only crowd in our largest auditorium and everyone came away fascinated, intrigued, informed and impressed."

University of California

Irvine, CA
"We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful presentation. The evaluations were all excellent. We were thrilled with the turnout and the mix of the audience."

University of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa
"Your lecture was very well received. Comments from the participants include: ‘brilliant presentation, interesting topic,’ ‘professional and a pleasure to listen to,’ ‘excellent,’ and ‘an absolutely fascinating lecture."

University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA
"I am on the faculty at the University of Iowa and had the pleasure of hearing you speak on campus this past fall…I teach a large lecture course that examines the role of advertising in our consumer-oriented society. Because the topic of your presentation was so relevant, I encouraged my students to attend. Yesterday, as I was going through the course evaluations, I was shocked by the effect this experience had. Nearly half of my 80+ students mentioned your presentation in one form or another, and many spoke in terms of ‘the difference it made in my life."

University of Michigan

Flint, MI
"Seven weeks have passed since your speech here and everyone is still talking about it. Very few speakers have made an impact as great as yours on our student body."

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI
"Your presentation contributed a serious, informative, funny, sad, and thoughtprovoking facet, like no other in the month-long series of events. I especially liked your inclusion of what this type of advertising means for men. I found your style inclusive, not exclusive, a tough thing to do when presenting a so-called one-sided women’s issue."

University of Montana

Missoula, MT
"Jean’s presentation was energetic, intelligent, and persuasive. She has a wonderful way of helping us understand emotionally and intellectually difficult issues, while defusing the defensiveness and denial that discussion of such issues often evokes. We were thrilled with her visit."

University of Notre Dame

South Bend, IN
"I cannot even begin to describe what an impact you had on me, my committee, and the entire Notre Dame community. People have been talking about your lecture for weeks! I have had some wonderful experiences at Notre Dame, but meeting you is certainly at the top of the list."

University of Pennsylvania

Altoona, PA
"Your lecture was enlightening and provocative. People are still raving about it!"

University of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI
"As always your presentation was not only enjoyable but immensely educational. Your personal style was unmistakably clear, and refreshingly humorous. It is both a relief and an inspiration to know there are people out there like you."

University of the Pacific

Stockton, CA
"It was genuinely terrific to have you on campus again! I have heard many references to insights gained from your lectures. There is a ‘ripple effect’ that goes far beyond the confines of those who were in attendance."

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT
"I can’t adequately express how important and inspiring your presentation last week was to all of us. The word ‘on the street’ today is that you were even better than they expected!"

University of West Florida

Pensacola, FL
"We could not have been more pleased with the outcome of the program. In addition to generating the highest attendance of any of our lectures so far this year, the presentation generated significant interest from our faculty."

University of Western Ontario

London, ON
"Jean’s lecture here was a complete success. The capacity crowd was very receptive and the feedback has been extremely positive."

University of Wisconsin

Eau Claire, WI
"Jean Kilbourne was FANTASTIC! Full house (capacity 640), riveting presentation, enthusiastic response from our students AND our faculty!!!"

Washington and Lee University

Lexington, VA
"Jean Kilbourne was fantastic. We were all apprehensive as to the response she would receive here from a predominantly male audience…Not only were we entranced, but a sobering and important comment on the stereotyping of women was taken in by a rapt audience."

Wellesley College

Wellesley, MA
"You are terrific! What a great presentation you did … You also hit the jackpot on the ratings. Yours were raves!"

Business Schools and Advertising & Media Organizations

Brené Brown

Author, Researcher, Speaker
"I have found incredible insight and wisdom in the work of Jean Kilbourne. She has changed the way I see the world and myself."

Ad Club

Rhode Island
"Everyone agrees that your presentation was the BEST of the year."

AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)

New York, NY
"No one in the world has done more to improve the image of women in advertising than Jean Kilbourne."

Harvard Business School

Boston, MA
"The importance of your research has not been lost on the Harvard Business School students as was evidenced by the remarkable turnout…The entire presentation will stand out as a highlight of our education here."

Schools & Other Educational Organizations

Teen Leadership Conference

Englewood, NJ
"The feedback from students, teachers, and other professionals has been overwhelmingly positive. Many commented that you were "the best speaker they have ever heard". I agree. Your message is powerful, relevant and accessible."

Berkeley Preparatory School

Tampa, FL
"I truly can’t thank you enough for all that you contributed. We are a stronger school for having had you visit us and I am a better person from spending those two days with you."

Culver Academy

Culver, IN
"Your presentation, The Naked Truth: Advertising’s Image of Women, was met with rave reviews … never have I seen girls more enthused or engaged. … thank you again for all you have done to inspire our girls and boost their self-confidence."

Deerfield Academy

Deerfield, MA
"The presentation was the perfect blend of facts, wit and visual images. You do a wonderful job of presenting information that is relevant to our teenagers, information that invokes curiosity in both genders, and is related in a voice that respects their intelligence and challenges them to see through the chaos of advertising."

Exploration Summer Programs, Yale University

New Haven, CT
"…your name came up frequently as a speaker that our students particularly enjoyed. High school students are a notoriously difficult audience to connect with and you clearly did an excellent job of striking a note that resonated."

The Hill School

Pottstown, PA
"You captivated the student body. After your talk, the school was abuzz with interesting questions and opinions on the topic."

Holderness School

Plymouth, NH
"I believe students learned a new way of thinking as a result of your presence on our campus."

The Hotchkiss School

Lakeville, CT
"We thank you very much for helping us all to see and for challenging us to think. Yours is a powerful message, skillfully conveyed."

Lexington PTA

Lexington, MA
"Your lecture is a powerhouse that everyone should hear. People will be talking about this for a long time, and we hope that it will be just the start of more awareness and a more realistic view of what the drug abuse problem primarily is."

Marymount High School

Los Angeles, CA
"A HUGE SUCCESS! The students said your presentation was exciting and thought-provoking and they have never had a speaker who held their interest like you did."

New Hampton School

New Hampton, NH
"The combination of stimulating dialogue, visual aids and well-timed humor was well received by all. … Your sensitivity, compassion, and depth of knowledge are most impressive, and it was reaffirming to watch the high level of attentiveness by our entire school community throughout the evening’s program… We are a healthier school because of your presence and provocative observations."

The Rivers School

Wayland, MA
"To sit in the back of the room and see the students positively riveted to your slides and remarks was a terrific experience…Both faculty and students have told me how much they appreciated the event…she’s the best speaker we’ve ever had!"

Saint Mary’s School

Raleigh, NC
"Saint Mary’s is still reverberating with the healthy messages you sent to our girls and their parents…Thanks for helping us jump-start the conversations and habits of mind and body that can be not just life changing, but life saving."

San Diego City Schools

San Diego, CA
"Thank you for your excellent presentation at the San Diego City Schools Race/Human Relations Conference. Participants found the topic interesting, your style dynamic, and the overall presentation enlightening as well as entertaining."

Young Women’s Leadership Program

San Diego, CA
"Thank you for your excellent keynote presentation … Your approach to interacting with the participants and delivering the information was extremely effective. Your humor and knowledge made a very heavy and sometimes controversial topic possible for these young women to grasp, and created awareness about a huge problem in our society…It is not an easy thing to be able to interact and present to teens, and your style and skill as a presenter allowed the students to take in information that would normally be difficult to learn on their own. The Jenna Druck Foundation would highly recommend you to any organization that is looking for someone who can effectively motivate, teach, and inspire."

Westminster School

Simsbury, CT
"You were universally extremely well received. Faculty and students commented to me all day about the presentation and how engaging and enjoyable they found it. Your presentation was extremely effective and many commented on how powerful and focused your phrasings were. Each comment and phrase was right to the point — you never were left searching for words or examples and, as a result, people stayed focused and engaged."

Conferences on Health, Public Health, & Prevention

American Academy of Pediatrics

Chicago, IL
"Your presentation was an eye-opening experience for our members and was even more than we could have hoped for in terms of generating the enthusiasm and excitement needed to spur them into action."

EAPA Conference

The Terraces, Ephrata, PA
"Your powerful message left a lasting impression on all who were present at the EAPA conference. The passion which you personally possess and the data that you have collected were blended in an excellent presenting style. Sometimes, those of us on the treatment side of this issue overlook the larger picture. You have helped to provide a corrective perspective for all of us. For that presentation and for your personal convictions, we are thankful."

Eastern New Mexico University

Portales, NM
"Thanks to your thought-provoking keynote presentation, our Drug Education Institute got off to a solid beginning. Your address elicited a heightened sense of awareness in the audience, creating a positive and energy-filled learning environment for the presentations that followed. Your ability to deal with the subject matter in a down-to-earth manner without resorting to scare tactics caused a palpable diminution in the level of denial on the part of the participants."

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

"It is a special gift to have the ability to reach young people and adults alike with your crucial message about alcohol advertising. You sparked much excitement and interest in this important."

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, MA
"We very much appreciated your presentation at the Psychiatric Grand Rounds. I was pleased with the turnout and know those who attended were educated and informed by your talk."

Mayo Clinic

Rochester, MN
"Your presentation at the 2nd National Conference on Nicotine Dependence was a resounding success."

Mayo Medical School

Rochester, MN
"Your professional work is admired by so many people here. … Many compliments have come to me about your program."

National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

St. Louis, MO
"We can’t thank you enough for the incredible keynote you gave at our symposium. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive!"

National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention

San Juan, Puerto Rico
"Thank you for your keynote address at the 4th National Latino Conference on Tobacco Prevention and Control. Your speech was big highlight of the conference and was very well-received."

Oregon Partnership

Portland, OR
"It isn’t often that people working in the trenches on the west coast get to hear from an international trainer in the substance abuse prevention arena. We have received excellent feedback from conference attendees who appreciated the relevant and useful information. … Your visit gave a wonderful boost to all of our conference attendees."

Population Communications International

New York, NY
"Your skillful ability to weave significant information into an entertaining lecture was exactly the way to keep the creative people in the audience focused and attentive."

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

"I will carry your praise throughout the country. Continue your great work."

"It was such a pleasure having you speak at the 2005 SADD National Conference. Your presentation was fabulous and well received by our audience."

Sheena’s Place

Toronto, ON
"I don’t think it is possible for the two events to be more successful than they were. People are still commenting about the Awareness Breakfast and asking how we are possibly going to do as well next year."

Soviet/American Conference on Alcoholism

Wainwright House, New York, NY
"On behalf of the Soviet/American Conference on Alcoholism, I want to tell you how deeply grateful we are for your participation in the program. The wealth of information shared provided an extraordinary opportunity for both Soviets and Americans."

Women’s Health Matters Forum & Expo

Toronto, ON
"The success of this event is mostly due to the excellence of our speakers — and you were fabulous!"

Conferences on Sexuality & Women's Issues

Capital One

Richmond, VA
"You made a significant impact on our young women and Capital One Mentors…I have received nothing but the highest of praise for your presentation."

Gainesville Commission on the Status of Women

Gainesville, FL
"The conference was a big success and we credit that to the dedication, effort, and energy you put into your keynote and workshop. Both of your sessions were very well-received, and your polished and frank presentation style was a very powerful contribution to the day."

Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

Atlanta, GA
"Thank you so much for your amazing keynote presentation …. You brought cutting edge, insightful information to our attendees that we hope will make a real difference in the work they do every day with young people in Georgia."

Maine International Women’s Year Committee

"Having Jean Kilbourne to keynote a program is catalytic. Once she’s on stage, everything else pauses as if suspended in time. Having experienced her presentation, no one is ever the same person . . . for throughout the experience, growing happens."

National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs

Washington, DC
"It was an absolute joy to have you as one of our presenters at our national convention. You received rave reviews."

Planned Parenthood of Connecticut

Hartford, CT
"Your remarks were thoughtful, inspiring, and dynamically delivered. I know our audience appreciated the time you gave to answer their questions both as a group and individually."

Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region

Kitchener, ON, Canada
"Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with our community! We have heard nothing but positive feedback."

The Women’s Fund

Houston, TX
"Everyone loved your presentation; every single evaluation sheet marked excellent for rating the speaker."

Government Organizations & Conferences

Carole Beebe Tarantelli

Member of Parliament, Italy
"Hearing Jean Kilbourne is a profound experience. Audiences leave her feeling that they have heard much more than another lecture, for she teaches them to see themselves and their world differently."

Board of Commissioners

Ramsey County, MN
"People are still talking about the power and impact of your presentation at our Forum on Family Violence. It was a riveting address that set the tone perfectly for the day’s agenda and for the work ahead. Thank you very much for informing, challenging and inspiring all of us."

Department of Health and Human Services

Cheyenne, WY
"The Governor’s Seventh Annual Substance Abuse Conference was a huge success and your presentations contributed immeasurably. Thank you for your excellent slide presentations, your expertise, and your professionalism."

Flaschner Judicial Institute

Boston, MA
"For the 300 judges attending the gender bias conference, your presentation made for a very successful day. The images (coupled with your instructive, funny and fast-paced comments) made a strong case about the demeaning sexual stereotypes that pervade American society. The judges found your presentation to be particularly moving. It received the kind of gut-level, emotional response that no position paper or panel presentation could ever achieve. Thank you."

Jo Swinson

MP, House of Commons, London, UK
"Thank you so much for coming to meet with the Campaign for Body Confidence. We were honored to have you here to share your wisdom and experience."

Scott Harshbarger

Attorney General, Boston, MA
"You were superb! Everyone was both very impressed and very much enlightened and educated by your presentation. It spurred all of us to heighten our efforts to do all that we can as law enforcement and educational professionals, as well as parents and student leaders."

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Washington, DC
"Your presentation was a smashing success!…provocative, skillfully designed and molded by your superb commentary…a first-rate educational experience. I’ve been inundated all week with praise from employees and requests for a repeat performance."

U.S. Department of Transportation

Washington, DC
"Thank you for being a significant part of the Forum on Youth Traffic Safety Initiatives. Your presentation inspired creative thinking and stimulated discussion. On behalf of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thank you for your contribution to our effort in finding the best strategies to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries of our youth."

Women in Public Service Project

"Thank you for helping to realize the goals of the Women in Public Service Project as envisioned by Secretary Hillary Clinton. Your leadership role in the inaugural Institute at Wellesley College helped to inspire a new generation of women change agents around the world and will help shape their journeys to leadership. Your participation also helped to define the future directions of the WPSP….We remain grateful to you for your support and the inspiration of your life and work."

Other Conferences and Organizations

David Quade, Hamilton Trust

Hamilton Trust, 2018
Not only were you and your message extraordinarily well received, but I received many comments from Members that this was one of the best H.T. Annual Dinners ever. I believe your message startled everyone in a very constructive and entertaining way, as it hit on so many levels. I personally will never forget your presentation. It makes me wish that we all could have had the advantage of understanding this prospective when we were in our late teens/early 20’s. Thank you so much for what you contribute to bettering society!!

The Lecture Foundation

Fort Worth, TX
Everyone that I talked to had nothing but praise for you and for your message. As our President wrote, " Jean Kilbourne’s presentation was riveting and thought provoking. And to top that off she was warm and approachable."

Albert Schweitzer Urban Fellows Program

Boston, MA
"Your talk was very educational and captivating. Thanks to you our audience left with a much greater awareness of the insidious roots not only of domestic violence, but also of urban and international violence."

Center for Women and Religion

Berkeley CA
"Thank you again for your outstanding presentation … In many ways you embodied the very essence of the theme which our evaluation forms testify."

International Festival of Arts & Ideas

New Haven, CT
"Your vivid presentation was eye-opening, thought-provoking and challenging."

Kappa Delta Sorority

Minneapolis, MN
"Thank you for being our speaker at our National Leadership Conference. It was an excellent presentation that was well received by everyone. … Your presentation style was so effective with our audience."

National Association of Social Workers

Minneapolis, MN
"Your presentation at our Annual Conference was outstanding. The standing ovation was an expression of the deep impression you made upon the audience. You have the ability to present information in an insightful and empowering way."

Population Communications International

Los Angeles, CA
"Your skillful ability to weave significant information into an entertaining lecture was exactly the way to keep the creative people in the audience focused and attentive. Many of the writers and producers attending remarked on how very much they enjoyed your presentation."

Peter Camp

Rector, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Hanover, NH
"We have guest preachers at St. Thomas about five times a year, and most of them are very good, but I can’t remember any that have caused as many good comments as you have! You really touched people’s souls."

University of Connecticut School of Social Work

Hartford, CT
"It is always exciting for me to be brought to new awareness and increased ability to be a critical thinker about the world that influences me. Your skill as a presenter was equally appreciated; it is obvious why you are in such demand! The response of participants was unanimously enthusiastic."

Youth and Shelter Services, Inc.

"We have never before had a keynote speaker who ranked as high as you did! All 1100 people who attended our conference were very pleased."